new arrivals: rare and ancient – 6/9

there’s a lot of new magazines to report on since we last put a new arrivals post together, including a new edition of Courier that looks at ‘The Business of Design’, and new editions of Tapas, The Baffler, Man on the Moon and many more. Check out the current available magazines page to see them all. This week though we introduce 6 more beauties, including a first timer for MagShuffle, and some rare and ancient delights. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

smith journal – #27

let’s kick off with the ancient with Smith Journal‘s cover story following mammoth-tusk hunters in the Russian arctic – fellows who once hunted reindeers have now turned to these prehistoric tusks to turn a profit. Elsewhere in the issue there’s a Japanese scientist obsessed with jellyfish and immortality; an Australian couple reviving Iranian arts; a Mexican forensic cleaner; and the Quentin Tarantino of Uganda’s slums.
// from the issue: the two friends on a mission to revive iranian arts //

eaten – #3

and now none of this playing it safe nonsense, get it pink and bloody with the new edition of Eaten, still warm off the press. This one takes on a theme of ‘rare’, in the sense of how meat may be served and in the sense of unique delicacies eaten by the few and coveted by the many. There’s a fascinating look at marathon feasts of yore, including the 19-century $1,000 12-hour dinner where diners stood in appreciation (and probably in order to digest) on three occasions. There’s a look at the Victorian taste for the exotic; some super photographs of heritage chickens; Alaskan gulls eggs; recipes for an Italian futurist party; and a history of Belgium’s filet américain.

Jacobin – #30

Next up, and following some recent looks into history, Jacobin goes back once more, but this time into childhood to survey the pressures on children and parents in the context of American political reform and societal expectations. There are some excellent features, including a look at child migration, the declining birth rate and the choices parents are left with given the rising cost of living. There are some wonderful illustrations by Danish illustrator, Jacob Kramer, and a look at opportunities for young working class women in Japan with some stunning illustrations included.
// from the issue: it’s okay to have children //

toiletpaper – #16

we’re excited to feature Toiletpaper magazine in MagShuffle for the first time. If you haven’t come across Toiletpaper before you’re in for a treat. This issue is packed with print-worthy art photo shoots, some even more bizarre than that time that you ran out of lemons while fixing a gin for yourself, so used a courgette. Talking of lemons, they’re in this issue, as are goldfish,  chandeliers; cured meat hanging out to dry, and a frog taking a ride on a champagne cork. Go on, go crazy.

like the wind – #17

Cover illustrator Matthew Brazier supplies a super illustration of mountain trail running for issue 17 of Like the Wind. You can find more of his artwork in the issue, including the example spread image at the top of its magazine page. In the issue there are tales of becoming a sub-three hour marathon runner; how the mentality of running can help women get through childbirth; and a fascinating feature by photojournalist Tyler Tomasello who went to Afghanistan to coach an all-female group of runners to help them complete their first ultra marathon.

wattswhat – #3

issue 3 of Wattswhat is with us and features a prepared and stylish skier for this autumn/winter edition of the magazine. The issue steps inside the newly refurbished wing of the Royal Academy in London to meet artistic director Tim Marlow. There’s also a chat with Gary James McQueen, nephew of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and the contemporary interiors and furniture of interior architect, designer and artist Achille Salvagni.

now among the current crop of exciting new magazines – what will you choose?
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