new arrivals: 9/11

four new mags come to us this week, and it’s an eclectic bunch. A particularly strong edition of Pressing Matters is one of those – there’s an international flavour to this edition with profiles of letterpress artists, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers from Portugal, Italy, Russia, Argentina, as well as some home-grown talent. The 3rd edition of Rucksack is sure to impress photography fans and travellers. This issue takes ‘islands’ as its theme and does it with romance and mystique with some outstanding photography. Huck produces another photography special, but this time features only female photographers and photojournalists. While Brick returns with its 6th edition featuring Kamasi Washington, Sheck Wes, and essays on De La Soul and Birmingham’s grime scene. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

pressing matters – #5

a very international feel to issue 5 of Pressing Matters sees profiles and showcases of letterpress artists, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers from, amongst other places, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Russia and the Netherlands. There’s a visit to Moscow’s Partisan Press, who create provocative posters that occasionally make their way onto walls of Moscow. There’s an excellently written piece that profiles artist, Stanley Donwood, whose work you may recognise from Radiohead album cover art. Elsewhere there’s woodcut artistry, some wondrous Eastern bloc matchbox art, and bold and imaginative illustrations from Rita Laranja.

rucksack – #3

for issue 3 of Rucksack, their focus shifts to some epic and remote islands revealing some well-kept secrets in an issue that is full of the romance and mystique of off-the-beaten-path travel. A star of this issue is the photographs of Newfoundland, Canada by Pauline Barré, Mickael Samama and Conrad Golovac who capture some outstanding shots of seabirds, ice and lone houses in rugged landscapes. There’s also visits to the Isle of Skye, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Lofoten and Hawaii in what is a beautiful issue.

huck – #67

a new photography special from Huck is a look at some of the freshest all-woman photographers. As they note in their lead essay, around 85% of photojournalists are men, so this is a super platform to share the current female photographic talent. The issue includes a great project by Kendrick Brinson who photographs a raucous retirement community in Arizona; filmmaker and photographer Nadira Amrani discusses diversity, self-expression and identity in portraiture; and Abbie Trayler-Smith fights the taboo of obesity. Elsewhere there’s photography by Mikiko Hara, Susan Meiselas, Bieke Depoorter and much more.
// from the issue: Intimate portraits that capture London at its most diverse //

brick – #6

Hip hop mag, Brick returns with another rock solid issue. In this one, JPEGMAFIA (Peggy) discusses his time in the US Air Force and his morals; the amazing Kamasi Washington on community, his education and the history of music; and Sheck Wes on his time in Senegal and his online presence. There’s also essays about De La Soul, and the grime scene in Birmingham, as well profiles and pieces on the musical chameleon, Dev Hynes, Duckwrth, Bishop Nehru and Risky Roadz amongst others.

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