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some returning rarities and regulars come to MagShuffle this week. First up is the New York-based running mag Runaway which turns its attention to Portugal’s eclectic coastline for an issue which pounds the streets, beaches and rocks devouring some Portuguese delicacies along the way. The Baffler returns with an issue that takes on right-wing populism and Frankie returns after a spell out of the roster. Sidetracked produces an inspirational issue with the usual blend of captivating stories and magnificent photography. Finally, Put a Egg on it marks 10 years in publishing with another eclectic issue full of wild food experiences. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

runaway – #3

Runaway swap out London for the coast of Portugal (who blames them!) for their 3rd edition. Photography, again, is the highlight of this issue, with some wonderful shots of central Lisbon (and anyone who’s been will know that the hills aren’t for the inexperienced), as well as some beach runs in southern Portugal, checking in on some culinary delights, surfing and yoga along the way.

the baffler – #42

if you misread the subtitle of this edition of The Baffler as ‘Trumps and millionaires’ you wouldn’t be wrong by much, as this issue takes on right-wing populism with a series of in-depth essays. Some look back to look forward, such as John Ganz’ essay on white supremacist and nationalist politician David Duke, and J.W. McCormack’s look at campaign songs’ role in politics. While others assess the contemporary climate, like Anne Elizabeth Moore’s look at ‘pink wave fundraising’ in the US midterms, and Jennifer Piejko’s whistle stop global survey of contemporary public art.
// from the issue: the sick history of the U.S. campaign song //

frankie – #85

it’s been a while since Frankie has been around in the MagShuffle roster but we’re pleased to have issue 85 in the ranks. In this issue the interview and photoessay featuring the work of Bangalore-based photographer, Sameer Raichur is not to be missed – Sameer’s work captures the terrifically kitsch Indian chariots that escort grooms to weddings. There are meets with the people behind an Australian boozy bakery, the campaigner who’s fighting gay conversation therapy, as well as young playwrights, crochet and retro bikinis.

sidetracked – #13

a wonderful foreword by the adventurer (and aptly named) Jenny Tough opens this edition of Sidetracked, where she asks whether true exploration still exists in an age where almost every inch is mapped online, and explorers’ bravery has left little areas untouched by human contact. Jenny’s answer is in the challenge, the self-improvement, the self knowledge and the moments in a trek that give purpose to lives. The rest of the issue exists to prove it, in the dangers of Julia and Lisa Hermes’ Amazon jungle and river adventure; in trailrunning in frozen Greenland; and in encountering almost every terrain possible in Tajikistan. There are many stories here that will rouse and inspire even the most ardent sofa sloucher.

put a egg on it – #15

the latest Put a Egg on it celebrates 10 years from idea to 15 issues down the line. It’s a magazine that’s done a terrific job over the years to present an alternative guide to food, printing stories and wild experiences of chefs in the kitchen and dinner parties that would otherwise go undocumented. This edition doesn’t disappoint – it includes a recreation of a New York socialite dinner where everything was flamed, smoked and charred; there’s a photoessay of Black Panthers’ free breakfast program, and another photoessay of meal time in Algiers. Elsewhere there’s recipes, protest stories,  a puppet dinner and a great look at Portland book and zine publisher, Microcosm’s cookbooks.

now among the current crop of exciting new magazines – what will you choose?
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