catalyst is a journal published by the people at jacobin magazine, an american magazine of the political left. the goal of the journal is to give capitalism a hearing, that is to develop a theory and strategy to rethink capitalism.


vol.2, issue 1

issue 5 of Catalyst is dominated by two broad themes: the role of symbols and media in modern capitalism, and political transitions in the Global South. In the issue there are discussions of the significance of the scandal around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Class and Marxism is given a careful appraisal in the form of two written pieces on  Bourdieusian theory. Elsewhere there are essays on South Africa; a review of a recent book on the value of postcolonial theory to Victorian literature; and a look at the changes to Chinese constitution which have effectively made Xi Jinping president for life.
// from the issue: between cambridge and palo alto //

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another new magazine to enter MagShuffle’s ranks, this is Catalyst Journal, a publication by Jacobin magazine that aims to develop a theory and a strategy to question the role of capitalism in society. in this edition, there are various longform contributions, including pieces and analyses that discuss EU members’ position on Europe; universal basic income; Turkish economics; and an interview with author and historian, Stephanie Coontz on feminism, family and gender relations.
// from the issue: the basic income illusion //
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