published three times a year, Eaten magazine is a new beautifully designed magazine about the history of food. each edition travels the world through the eyes of journalists, historians, and gastronomers eager to celebrate the past and present of what we eat.



hot off the press, the third edition of Eaten arrives at MagShuffle. This one takes on a theme of ‘rare’, in the sense of how meat may be served and in the sense of unique delicacies eaten by the few and coveted by the many. There’s a fascinating look at marathon feasts of yore, including the 19-century $1,000 12-hour dinner where diners stood in appreciation (and probably in order to digest) on three occasions. There’s a look at the Victorian taste for the exotic; some super photographs of heritage chickens; Alaskan gulls eggs; recipes for an Italian futurist party; and a history of Belgium’s filet américain.

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new to MagShuffle, Eaten magazine catalogues the history of food through essays, photography, recipes, illustrations and interviews, brought together with a well-defined colour palette and an eye for design. Issue 2 is a particularly beautiful edition which visits the Philippines, Newfoundland, Peru and Germany finally giving celery, radishes, orchids and potatoes the attention they deserve! there’s some excellent photography in this edition, particularly those which annotate the story of Peruvian creole dishes. It’s a strong issue with a clear objective with plenty to learn from it.

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