mayday is a biannual magazine that is a response to uncertain times. with politics and society moving as fast as it is, mayday takes stock of the erratic and the volatile through challenging essays, interviews and infographics.



the second issue of Danish mag, Mayday is with us, and the magazine returns with an exciting dose of future thinking. The issue’s feature article an interview with Danish politician and European Commissioner Margarethe Vestager, who is taking it to tech giants through investigations into their tax affairs. Technology and the EU have special focus in this edition, but also art is given attention, with a great series of profiles of artists who work with concepts of space and time, including Scottish artist Katie Peterson who transforms a Beethoven piece into morse code, and photographer Trevor Paglen. Intelligent and accessible, if you haven’t picked up this mag yet, give it a go.
// from the issue: let them eat cake //

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in this inaugural issue, mayday emphasises the existence of the non-conformists, the eccentrics and the originals. their ideas and critical views. no matter what field they may come from. it includes: honey bees are disappearing in denmark and no one knows why; living in a simulation; children’s engagement in new classroom technologies; the genomic revolution.

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