published three times per year, offscreen is a thoughtful deep-dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and future vision of people working with technology. it features in-depth interviews, essays, advice and profiles of people and products.



have you noticed the new feature on your devices which, perhaps to your horror, tells you how long you use different apps and how many hours you drain into that cute and addictive furry slingshot game, or even worse, your emails? Well, it’s proof that advocacy makes an impact and this new feature is the result of persistent campaigning about tech’s influence over our lives. Offscreen give us four stellar interviews on this subject, the first of which with Richard Pope, whose expertise in digital public policy makes for a fascinating interview. Elsewhere there are interviews with Amber Case about humane tech design; interface designer Aza Raskin turns his attention to attention itself; and they catch up with tech ethnographer, Tricia Wang. Plus, a tremendous cover.

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the 19th edition of Offscreen interviews four people who show that with changes to business and tech, society can be a better place. That is especially seen in the interview with venture capitalist, Bryce Roberts who invests in companies with the eye to give them long-term sustainable success. There’s also interviews with Jocelyn K. Glei whose podcast ‘Hurry Slowly’ looks at how we manage our lives and be productive without burning out; as well as interviews with journalist Angus Hervey and former White House digital strategist, Ashleigh Axios.

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issue 10 of offscreen does a brilliant job of capturing how print and digital can be combined to make something rich and compelling. after all, a magazine was a technology once. this edition brings 4 super longform interviews with writer and designer Craig Mod; entrepreneur Jessica Jackley; digital rights activist Aral Balkan; and design strategist and entrepreneur Erika Hall. elsewhere there are short features like product reviews; workspace photography and contributions and advice from creatives and technologists.

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