om nom

om nom is a biannual magazine about good food, people and places, and about eating and living better. the goal of the magazine is to think differently about plant-based food, that it doesn’t have to be expensive and restrictive but instead, simple and realistic.



the third edition of Om Nom leads with a fascinating feature on how vegan chefs’ notoriety has ballooned in recent years. The magazine’s commitment to conveying ethical foods and lifestyles is shown once again with a balanced look at the impact of plastic food packaging on our planet but also its remarkable ability to prolong the shelf life of the food it contains, as well as looks at food and mental health, and encouraging sustainable and accountable business. Interspersed with some mouthwatering recipes along the way.

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issue 2 of Om Nom considers two important areas within the ethical movement – the growing trend towards zero-waste, and the use of both conventional and unconventional activism to help inspire people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. the magazine meets companies that are helping towards those ends, including a zero-waste bulk buy store in Totnes and the world’s first vegan football club. also in the issue: nut milks; plant-based events; growing your own food; what veganism can learn from other activist movements.

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