rucksack is a biannual photography magazine that features breathtaking images of nature. It features photoessays, interviews, and stories steeped in adventure and courage.



for issue 3 of Rucksack, their focus shifts to some epic and remote islands revealing some well-kept secrets in an issue that is full of the romance and mystique of off-the-beaten-path travel. A star of this issue is the photographs of Newfoundland, Canada by Pauline Barré, Mickael Samama and Conrad Golovac who capture some outstanding shots of seabirds, ice and lone houses in rugged landscapes. There’s also visits to the Isle of Skye, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Lofoten and Hawaii in what is a beautiful issue.
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issue #2 of the travel and photography magazine, Rucksack, comes to MagShuffle at a nice time. many elements of the issue contrast nicely with a couple of our other offerings this month, including Like the Wind’s night running and mountain running pieces, as well as Huck’s ‘journeys issue’. Rucksack’s own ‘the journey issue’ reveals a more diverse set of features, with the focus on the vestibules that take us afar, whether that be on a plane, rail, sail, on wheels, or indeed by foot. just like Rucksack’s debut issue there’s some exceptional photography, including Miguel Urbaneja’s images of a volcanic mountainous area of Iceland; some timeless images of sailing in Greenland; New Zealand by road and Central Asia by air. A perfect companion for a spring jaunt.

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rucksack’s debut issue takes winter as its theme, reimagining what the season can look like. the volume includes an attempt to summit mountains shasta and suilven; the reality of a long canadian winter and super feature on the ‘arctic surfers’ braving the bitter icelandic waves. also in the issue: an interview with artist mya kerner and photographer jan keller, plus photo essays showcasing lapland’s iconic landscapes. this publication is 120 pages, perfect bound and printed in full colour on uncoated paper.

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