tapas is a spanish food magazine, published ten times per year. Its english edition covers food, style, beauty and more always with culinary aspects as its focus.



Woody Allen dons the cover of the fall issue of Tapas, which is a still from the famous lobster scene of Annie Hall. His eating habits are analysed for this issue (and they are typically specific, if not pedantic) as well as a list of food locations from some of his films. The images of Zeren Badar’s conceptual reimagining of classical paintings through food is something to behold, and a reprint of images from a new book on Californian pop architecture are equally entertaining. Also in the issue, there’s an analysis of food references in The Handmaid’s Tale. A description of what it’s like to eat in zero gravity. And Catalonia is given focus on two or three features throughout the issue.
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with only a slither of summer remaining we get the summer edition of Tapas magazine to clutch on to. In the issue there’s a look at Elvis’ diet should you want to live fast (food) and die young; and there’s a fascinating story of the Kellogg brothers, one who opened a spa dedicated to wellbeing and healthy eating, the other who has rotted the teeth of children for over a century. Elsewhere there’s a look at New York street food, Thailand’s culinary scene, and an illustrated journal of Japanese food culture.

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spring must be in the air because the talk of travel and journeys keep on coming. issue 15 of Tapas makes several references to some food journeys, including a tour of pizzas from around the world and various food tour suggestions throughout the issue. in the ‘mains’ section of this issue (all of Tapas’ issues are divided by culinary chapters) there’s a look at the relationship between food and art in history; chef of the year; product packaging and tableware; as well as our favourite section of Tapas, the Dresscode section, which pairs food and fashion in ingenious ways.

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this new issue of Tapas impresses once again, this time with more of a photographic focus. issue 14 includes a host of highly original ideas and features, notably their extraordinary food-inspired fashion shoots (one brilliantly inspired by a squeezed bottle of chilli sauce); there’s artwork by the Thai artist Lerson Pannawit who nimbly uses food in his collage work; there a super photo series of bars and bodegas in Madrid; how to store wine; a list of excessive feasts in history; and the photography of Irving Penn.
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as always, tapas offer an intriguing combination of food and popular culture. in this issue, they interview fashion designer Giorgio Armani (who shares a tasty looking risotto); Alice Cooper shows off his very large baguette; there’s a super photo essay of ecuador; food sewn on cotton and much more.
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