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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week, including a political and cultural magazine taking on the dishonourable and the corrupt. all the mags below are now available to MagShuffle subscribers. MagShuffle is our brand new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

hole & corner – #15

‘the natural issue’ is issue #15 of Hole & Corner. in it, there is the work of Laura Ellen Bacon (who also featured in the latest edition of Rakesprogress); the landscape photographer Mark Mattock; artist Tom Joyce, who uses iron as his raw material in his industrial scale sculptures; Sebastian Cox, who grows his own furniture using fungi; as well as a profile of F. Percy Smith, the esoteric godfather of natural history filmmaking. elsewhere there is wild swimming; taking time out just to think; biodynamic farmers and ley lines.

bomb – #142

#142, the winter edition of BOMB magazine includes interviews with musician Jlin; composer Meredith Monk and artist Jim Hodges; artist Celeste Dupuy-Spencer; musician Milford Graves; and a fascinating conversation with playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. there’s also fiction, poetry, comics, photography and much more.

the baffler – #37

issue 37, the winter edition of The Baffler takes on the dishonourable and the corrupt with an edition on the topics of ‘power, corruption, and lies’. it’s a beautiful essay fest with topics ranging from the degradation of NFL to vanilla streaming services. it’s the latter of which that’s a standout essay from this issue, a damning appraisal of Spotify and its ambition to “turn all music into emotional wallpaper”. elsewhere in the issue are political essays with its origin in the united states; the great rolling grift of payday lending; the surveillance-addled state of our movie screens and TV streams; and the antidemocratic dogma of public-choice theory.

prefix – #36

#36, the fall/winter edition of Prefix Photo magazine, ‘memory strains’, includes portfolios of photographers Naeem Mohaiemen; Robert Bean; Marta Minujín; Lois Weinberger; and Shona Illingworth. it also features book reviews, essays, profiles and newsbriefs.

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