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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week, including a look at love, desire and sex through minority lenses; a zine with personal tales of food; and ‘outsiders’ are considered in the context of a new fairytale film. all the mags below are now available to MagShuffle subscribers. MagShuffle is our brand new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

put a egg on it – #14

for issue 14 of Put a Egg on it London-based John Broadley plucks moments from film history where food has stolen the show in his illustrated series “Culinary Cameos”; photographer Julia Gillard visits Troy, New York for a kimchi lesson at Sunhee’s Farm; Bradley Sumrall beautifully tells the story of his experience as a 20-something gay fry cook in the 90s at The Clover Grill, a legendary 24-hour diner on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. there’s also one writers’ tour of her ex-lovers via emblematic moments in eating and cooking; and artists Ann Magnuson, Matias Viegener and Cammie Staros dine together at interior designer Alexandra Loew’s Los Feliz home discussing art history, pig farming, prep school, art world politics and more.

wire – #408

the February issue of the Wire’s feature story is on saxophonist, Shabaka Hutchings and his reshaping of London’s jazz scene. elsewhere there is a feature on Miles Opland’s Bristol label building a reputation as a major dub laboratory; Turkish cosmic surfers, Konstrukt; Philip Vermeulen; microscenes in the Philippines; Sarah Davachi, and a whole lot more.

little white lies – #73

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water gets the Little White Lies treatment this time with some typically excellent features. they include interviews with Sally Hawkins and the director himself. there’s also a wonderful series of looks at ‘outsiders’ in film, brilliantly illustrated by Katherine Lam, featuring Let the Right One In, Ghost World and serial murderers. elsewhere there are reviews and an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson about his new feature, Phantom Thread.

treadlie – #21

issue 21 of Treadlie gives e-bikes a close look, with their selection of favourites for tech-savvy cyclists. elsewhere there is a fascinating look at integrated cycling architecture and the Danish architecture firm that are espousing it; a tour of the coast of a Japanese island; a couple’s journey on bike, coast to coast through the Australian outback; amateur road racing; vintage bike collections; New Zealand community hub and a lot more.

consented – #5

issue 5 of Consented takes a look at love and desire, and more to the point, sex. there are a number of excellent essays in this collection, giving many first person perspectives that wouldn’t ordinarily be represented in the media, such as sexual experiences of disabled people; female masculinity in the sex lives of women; queer parenting; the fetishisation of the trans body; the hackneyed ‘self-love’ trope in dealing with mental health issues, amongst many others. a very-well crafted issue with lots to think about and lots to learn from it.

design anthology – #15

issue 15 of Design Anthology visits some incredible buildings from around the world including hotels in Paris and Hong Kong, Highland farmhouses and others from the Philippines and China. as ever, the issue takes in new architecture and design, with interviews and profiles of artists, designers and architects, complete with photography.
// from the issue: immediacy of expression //

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