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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week, including an elegant debut that explores ‘duality’ in its first issue, an artistic look at the nose, and an issue somewhere between a city guide and running mag. all the mags below are now available to MagShuffle subscribers. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

cabinet – #64

issue 64 is the first issue of art magazine Cabinet that’s been available to MagShuffle subscribers and features some excellent essays, including a special section on the olfactory system, with pieces on the cinematic innovation, smell-o-vision and a look at Edward Lear’s The Dong with a Luminous Nose. elsewhere in the issue there’s some essays on language and symbols, specifically in Jacob Mikanowski’s look at the ancient Easter Island language, Rongorongo, and in an essay that looks at visual tests throughout history. some outstanding long essays here that you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot from.

frankie – #81

issue 81 of Frankie has arrived in the UK. this edition is a bumper issue at over 150 pages and it features lots of short pieces like one on famous neighbours in TV & film (think Ned Flanders and Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer); a look at New Zealand’s coffin clubs for women who want to embrace death with humour and poise; as well as gift guides and some wonderfully creative design. it’s summer in Australia of course so the colour schemes and mood is perfect for those dreaming of sunny getaways.

autodidact – #1

the first issue of Autodidact – ‘duality’, takes an eclectic mix of contributions and a creative and elegant interpretation of the word. there are a few in-depth and narrative-driven interviews with people like the illustrator, Gwendal le Bec and artist Richie Culver. graphically, the colour scheme and design is attractive in its simplicity and the featured illustrations are highlights of the issue, including the work of Jocelyn Tsaih and an illustration series on what made Camus and Sartre’s intellectual disagreement the ‘philosophical feud of the century’ by Andrew Khosravani. an interesting debut.

runaway – #2

Runaway’s second issue takes them to London to meet the running enthusiasts and to test out its running routes. the photography is stellar throughout and the profiles of people like Laura Maisey who ran home to London from Rome (just a casual 1,250 miles) are enthralling. the outsider perspective to London provides an interesting angle, it’s more than a city guide, and more than a running mag, but somewhere uniquely in between.

frieze – #193

the March edition of Frieze is as ever stocked with essays, interviews, reviews and previews. this issue features a number of noteworthy articles: The White Review editor, Ben Eastham looks at the career of Tacita Dean; artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa is interviewed about politics, Black Lives Matter and art infrastructure; there’s a fascinating look at sleep in an art historical context as well as a couple of features on China.
// from the issue: femme futures – why have women been written out of internet history? //

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