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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week, including two magazines that focus on time, one through predominantly visual means using data visualisations, and the other through thought-provoking long essays. Market Cafe and Real Review as well as all the other mags below are now available to MagShuffle subscribers. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

odiseo – #11

volume 11 of Odiseo comes packaged in a black glossy sealed pouch to keep the mystery of what’s inside. so we’ll keep this brief so the surprise isn’t spoiled but what we can say is that that you will be tantalised by the sensual imagery, especially that of Alexandre Haefeli’s dreamy and hazy fashion shoot with 1970s colours and glam. elsewhere in the issue there are cinematographic love affairs, flirtations with the extraterrestrial, psychic retreats, and journeys towards adulthood. erotic images contained, of course.

hotdog – #3

issue 3 of hotdog is the first of their issues that’s been available to MagShuffle subscribers and features the poetry of the likes of Shagufta K, Jasper Avery and Lauren Mason. the poetry is interspersed with interviews, photography, design features and ‘poetic interference’ by regular contributor Octavia Bright and Orlando editor, Philomena Epps. of the three issues they’ve released this feels most like a magazine, but not without some beautifully erratic design elements to keep to the at once self-deprecating and self-glorifying title, ‘delightfully unprofessional’.

market cafe – #3

another new magazine debuting on MagShuffle, and this is an impressive new issue. the arch of Market Cafe revolves around the selected interviews, here with designers Peter Ørntoft and Johnathan Hopp, Sabah Khaled, and artist Mike Brondbjerg. these are truly fascinating and the images from these projects are captivating in themselves. the issue’s theme is ‘temporariness’ and so time becomes the focus of the issue, with features that look at time management and time as a concept in itself. thought-provoking and well worth a read.

wattswhat – #2

issue 2 of Wattswhat, another that debuts on MagShuffle, and it packs in features on creative consultant Spencer Fung, fashion designer Oliver Spencer, and on the influence of writer and civil rights activist, James Baldwin on gay black men. elsewhere in the issue Lisbon and Paraguay are featured in the ‘wanderlust’ section, and sandals and panama hats are given the spotlight with the optimism of summer around the corner.

real review – #6

issue #6 of the Real Review, “just-in-time”, deals with convenience and on-demand culture, as well as the short-termist thinking of our time, where we respond to problems as a last resort rather in advance. this issue addresses those ideas through a number of essays, interviews and photo collections. they include an interview with visual artist, Tauba Auerbach and musician, Éliane Radigue who debate time, patience and decision making, and Theo Simpson’s photography again makes an appearance to illustrate an essay on nostalgia by Adam Nathaniel Furman.

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