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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week, and this week is a journeys special, with various new magazines that take us on a ride, such as Rucksack, the travel and photography mag which does so via rail, sail and plane; and Like the Wind via foot. Meanwhile, new magazine and our April magazine of the month, Contra, tackles the migrant crisis with a unique aspect of looking at conflict via art. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

rucksack – #2

issue #2 of the travel and photography magazine, Rucksack, comes to MagShuffle at a nice time. many elements of the issue contrast nicely with a couple of our other offerings this month, including Like the Wind’s night and mountain running pieces, as well as Huck’s ‘journeys issue’. Rucksack’s own ‘the journey issue’ reveals a more diverse set of features than their debut, with the focus on the vestibules that take us afar, whether that be on a plane, rail, sail, on wheels, or indeed by foot. just like Rucksack’s debut issue there’s some exceptional photography, including Miguel Urbaneja’s images of a volcanic mountainous area of Iceland; some timeless images of sailing in Greenland; New Zealand by road and Central Asia by air. A perfect companion for a spring jaunt.

like the wind – #15

“running at night requires a state of mind”, a super memoir piece by runner, Colin Reynolds is one of the highlights of Like the Wind’s new issue. elsewhere there’s some superb illustrations, like Frederick Saunders’ sweaty runner struggling in the humidity of Bhutan; there’s mountain running; looks at iconic races such as Wales’ ‘man v horse’ race where those on two legs are given a 15-minute head start; freerunning; running data visualisations and much more.

contra– #1

the debut edition of Contra is an exciting magazine about the relationship between art + conflict begins with a look at ‘displacement’. in it there is the photography of Harley Weir who documented refugee camps in Calais in 2016 and here presents a selection of exclusive images. there are other great examples of photography in this issue, including Seba Kurtis’ various migrant subjects. there are also some super written contributions, including a fascinating piece from Finnish architect Milja Lindberg on how countries can accommodate migrants, and an interview with choreographer Akram Khan delves into nationalities, identities and home. the issue provides a unique aspect to a topic that has become one of the central moral issues of our time.

huck – #64

issue 64 of Huck, ‘the journeys issue’ appears to have the very intentional choice to focus on the micro scale, with each journey’s central element being the individuals who take those rides rather than breadth of the journey itself. this can be particularly seen in a wonderful narrow lensed photo collection of the New York cab photographer, Ryan Weideman who captured the various personalities who rode his cab for over 30 years. the issue is made up of activists, skaters, members of a North London boxing club, vegan trailblazers and nomadic warriors.

om nom – #2

issue 2 of Om Nom considers two important areas within the ethical movement – the growing trend towards zero-waste, and the use of both conventional and unconventional activism to help inspire people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. the magazine meets companies that are helping towards those ends, including a zero-waste bulk buy store in Totnes and the world’s first vegan football club. also in the issue: nut milks; plant-based events; growing your own food; what veganism can learn from other activist movements.

tapas – #15

spring must be in the air because the talk of travel and journeys keep on coming. issue 15 of Tapas makes several references to some food journeys, including a tour of pizzas from around the world and various food tour suggestions throughout the issue. in the ‘mains’ section of this issue (all of Tapas’ issues are divided by culinary chapters) there’s a look at the relationship between food and art in history; chef of the year; product packaging and tableware; as well as our favourite section of Tapas, the Dresscode section, which pairs food and fashion in ingenious ways.

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