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a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week. in this edition there’s two fantastic men’s mags, one Fantastic Man, which is fantastic by nature. the other, Man on the Moon, is a new magazine launched by Spain Media. there’s also some enthralling art interviews in the new edition of BOMB, and Positive News acts on what is fast becoming a significant movement – the edition focuses on the zero waste pioneers who are providing solutions to our plastic addiction. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

bomb – #143

issue 143 of BOMB magazine features the excellent journal piece by Yun-Fei Ji who documents a vanishing township in China in the wake of the urbanisation of the country, through text, photography and intricate, evocative illustration. there are interviews with actress, Nina Hoss, feminist filmmaker, Barbara Hammer, and artist Lydia Ourahmane. elsewhere performance artist, Joseph Keckler speaks with writer, Olivia Laing about speaking truths and mocking Goths.
// from the issue: lydia ourahmane by ben blackmore //

positive news – #93

Positive News acts on what is fast becoming a significant movement in this edition, which focuses on the zero waste pioneers who are providing solutions to our plastic addiction. there’s a report on the team who track arms supplies around the world and another on New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who is about to become only the second world leader to give birth while in office. there’s also: rediscovered species; big data saving Savannah elephants; and an inspiring photo collection by Sophie Mayanne of people who have positive attitudes towards scars on their body.
// from the issue: the couple behind the UK’s first zero-waste shop //

man on the moon – #1

the inaugural issue of Spain Media’s Man On The Moon is with us. it’s from the makers of Tapas magazine, as well as Robb Report and it’s an intriguing edition that follows the imagined steps of space exploration to guide us through profiles, interviews, and short news reports in sections like ‘lunatics’, ‘manual’, ‘moonwalk’ and ‘landing’. there are hints of Monocle in its approach, this is a men’s mag with largely men as its subject but its eclecticism offers a little of something for all. in this first edition: entertainment in space; battling cancer; the healthy madness of business; an iconic Madrid mayor; catching killers, and much more.

british journal of photography – may 2018

the May edition of the BJP features Kaja Rata, Carlo Lombardi and Gretje Treiber as its profile members, of which Kaja Rata’s otherworldly reflection on the mundane in her Polish hometown is a highlight of these. the edition takes the theme from this year’s Hamburg Triennial of Photography, ‘breaking point’, and features many exhibitors from the triennial, including Bangladeshi photographer, Sarker Protick, who documents the Padma river and its people. there’s also Gábor Arion Kudász, Richard Mosse, Mandy Barker, Mathieu Asselin as well as an interview with Zeit magazine director of photography, Milena Carstens.

fantastic man – #27

the Autumn/Winter edition of Fantastic Man had been published just before MagShuffle launched so this is the first edition that has been made available to MagShuffle subscribers, and this one takes in the full scope of ages in its profiles, from 14-78. the issue opens with a fascinating article on the irrelevance of age and a cultivated cooperative attitude of generational difference. profiles include: Phillip Picardi and Joseph Fiennes, and there’s some stellar fashion photography, especially that of Mark Peckmezian who brings out the bold colours of the elder ‘don’t give a damn what people think’ generation.

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