new arrivals: 25/4

a brief look at what’s new in magazines this past week. in this edition there’s three new mags to enter MagShuffle’s roster, including Oh Comely, political journal Catalyst, and literary mag, Structo. we also have the new edition of Consented, which takes resistance as its theme; and Courier looks at the consumer market for flowers; start ups that are mixing it up on supermarket shelves; and an interview with health experts on how technology is changing the NHS. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

oh comely – #42

issue 42 of Oh Comely is the first time the magazine has been available to MagShuffle subscribers. it’s 130 pages of recommendations, profiles, interviews, illustrations and essays, including a set of profiles of women sharing their experiences of choosing short hair and a discussion of the androgyny of a skinhead; a conversation with punk musician, Viv Albertine; and a dip into flea markets and jumble sales.

catalyst – #4

another new magazine to enter MagShuffle’s ranks, this is Catalyst Journal, a publication by Jacobin magazine that aims to develop a theory and a strategy to question the role of capitalism in society. in this edition, there are various longform contributions, including pieces and analyses that discuss EU members’ position on Europe; universal basic income; Turkish economics; and an interview with author and historian, Stephanie Coontz on feminism, family and gender relations.
// from the issue: the basic income illusion //

structo – #18

yet another new edition to be available to MagShuffle subscribers – this is the first of Structo’s magazines to enter the roster. it features 96 pages of outstanding fiction and poetry, including by the winner of the inaugural Austrian Cultural Forum Writing Prize and Translation Prize, terrific photography by Meredith Heuer and an interview with Daniel Handler, and further fiction by Rhys Timson, Matthew Small, Angharad Walker, and Emma Sloley.

consented – #6

issue 6 of Consented takes ‘resistance’ as its theme and again comes in 3 parts, this time: ‘journeys’, ‘reimagining resistance’, and ‘a better tomorrow’. typically, the issue’s contributions are made up from excellent and revealing first-hand stories, like Martin Hasani’s experience growing up as an intersex person. there’s an interview with Resis’Dance collective who talk about creating space for people who feel excluded from mainstream nightlife; and the issue ends with a piece by the co-editors on how forms of resistance and solidarity strive for a better world.

courier – #22

issue 22 of Courier blends its usual round-up of business trends, news, infographics and statistics with a bundle of longer features and case studies. this time, they take a look at the consumer market for flowers in the UK; an excellent look at start ups’ journeys to get their product onto supermarket shelves; and an interview with health experts on how technology is changing the NHS as well the privacy concerns that go with that. also in the issue: e-commerce in Mongolia; pregnancy tech wearables; squatting, and in-flight economics.
// from the issue: the new food and drink upstarts //

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