new arrivals: changing the world – 25/5

this week we give a shout out to four new magazines that recognise that the world just ain’t right, but instead of moping they come out fighting. Offscreen, with their typically strong set of long interviews show that with changes to business and tech, society can be a better place; Mayday takes on the tech giants with an exciting dose of future thinking; Little White Lies asks whether movies can change the world; and Huck turns to young people for solutions. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 140+ magazines.

offscreen – #19

the 19th edition of Offscreen interviews four people who show that with changes to business and tech, society can be a better place. That is especially seen in the interview with venture capitalist, Bryce Roberts who invests in companies with the eye to give them long-term sustainable success. There’s also interviews with Jocelyn K. Glei whose podcast ‘Hurry Slowly’ looks at how we manage our lives and be productive without burning out; as well as interviews with journalist Angus Hervey and former White House digital strategist, Ashleigh Axios.

mayday – #2

the second issue of Danish mag, Mayday is with us, and the magazine returns with an exciting dose of future thinking. The issue’s feature article is an interview with Danish politician and European Commissioner Margarethe Vestager, who is taking it to tech giants through investigations into their tax affairs. Technology and the EU have special focus in this edition, but also art is given attention, with a great series of profiles of artists who work with concepts of space and time, including Scottish artist Katie Peterson who transforms a Beethoven piece into morse code, and photographer Trevor Paglen. Intelligent and accessible, if you haven’t picked up this mag yet, give it a go.
// from the issue: let them eat cake //

little white lies – #75

issue 75 of Little White Lies is something different, and something a little radical. As editor David Jenkins writes in the brief: ‘the world is fucked’. The issue is therefore a response to that imperfect of circumstances and asks if movies can change the world. A bumper list of regular LWL writers come up with one movie to show the world’s leaders and describe why it could effect change. Movies like Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’, ‘The Lives of Others’, ’13 Lakes’, ‘The Battle of Algiers’ and ‘Born in Flames’ all feature. As well as this, the usual compendium of reviews are also included.

huck – #65

issue 65 of Huck, ‘coming of age’, focuses on young people making impacts big and small. This includes a great look at Yemen United, the Yemeni football team based out of New York; queer youth of the American south; teen activists; and a superb photo essay by GODLIS and Angela Boatwright capture punk in 1970s New York and contemporary Los Angeles.
// from the issue: pakistan’s young mountaineers blazing a trail for women //

now among the current crop of exciting new magazines – what will you choose?
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