new arrivals: gender, bodies and sexualities – 7/6

this week we feature a bundle of new issues that explore gender, bodies and sexuality. Our current magazine of the month, Ladybeard debuts on MagShuffle and produces a remarkably strong issue and a bold vision and critique of what defines beauty; Typical Girls opens up its contributor list to all genders and presents a spectrum of perspectives on femininity and masculinity; Soffa explore sexuality and the menstrual cycle; and The Baffler look at the #MeToo campaign, and analyse sexual consent and the delicate legality of it. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

typical girls – #4

a new magazine for MagShuffle this week. Typical Girls explores gender, identity and bodies. Usually, the mag features only contributions from women, however with this issue they open it up to all genders with an aim to represent a full spectrum of perspectives on femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. The issue is diverse in its ideas and in its formats, with interviews, profiles, photography, illustration, poetry and memoir all featuring. There are first-hand stories of people transitioning between genders; and projects that tackle mental health, survey young people about what gender means to them, challenge the beautification of women, and those that celebrate gender fluidity.

soffa – #26

for the latest issue of Czech magazine, Soffa, it explores passion, and indeed women’s bodies and their sexuality. The latter is inquired into in this issue via Tereza Hošková’s essay on sexuality and the menstrual cycle, with images from photographer, Anna Volpi. Elsewhere in the issue, they travel to Romania to visit mountains, lakes and shepherds, and they travel to the Faroe Islands to visit icy and picturesque villages in the shadow of mountains; there’s a fashion photoessay surrounded by antiques; and a close look at red meat which isn’t for the faint-hearted.

99 percent lifestyle – #3

issue 3 of 99 Percent Lifestyle is the first that we’ve made available to MagShuffle subscribers. The issue is rich with stories of young mavericks and entrepreneurs who are acting on their ideas and businesses innovating various industries. Such as a fascinating showcase of how one film company minimised its risk while committing to the project full time; how Pentagram built its empire; how one photographer turned his passion into a career; and the pastry chef maker of the cronut!

ladybeard – #3

issue 3 of Ladybeard, proudly the first issue we’ve had available to subscribers, is a bold vision and critique of what defines beauty, and as the editors write in its leader: “we want to disrupt the ideal”. The short personal stories that begin the issue are fascinating, they tell tales of sexual adventures and deviance and struggles with identity. Similarly the stories of queer femmes, and the breast cancer survivors using tattoos to reclaim their bodies are equally captivating. However, the issue excels most in its imagery. With its showcases of photographers working with beauty as their subject and the detailed close ups of bodies by Anton Gottlob (as featured on the cover) make for (subjectively of course) a beautiful issue to behold.
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the baffler – #39

in the new edition of The Baffler, interspersed between poetry, fiction and Corey Presha’s political and historical-influenced artwork, are a number of valuable written contributions appraising American culture and its politics. Two contributions, one on the #MeToo campaign, and another analysis of sexual consent and the delicate legality of it stand out in what is a highly analytical issue. Elsewhere there are essays on the rise of civil wars; various contributions that touch on Donald Trump’s presidency; and radical academic discourse.
// from the issue: manufacturing consent //

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