new arrivals: extraordinary amongst the ordinary – 5/7

five new issues join the ranks this week, including two that we’re featuring for the first time. Hop & Barley is one of those debutants, and is an excellent magazine about beer. In this edition they travel around Britain to the sheds and garages of DIY beermakers. Accent is another first timer and is a personal favourite. In this issue they deviate from their normal path of unearthing extraordinary people to focusing on their compilation of alternative and extraordinary celebrities instead. We also have new issues from the excellent Failed States, who take us out to the suburbs. Lagom explore the juggle of multi-purpose stores and work-life balance. While Like the Wind take us back to when British mile running ruled the world. MagShuffle is our new mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

hop & barley – #9

we’re pleased to include the craft beer and brewery mag, Hop & Barley for the first time. A magazine that’s always been very popular in our sister store, Charlotte St News, the new issue focuses its attention on the ‘amateur alchemists’, the home brewers from around the UK who are tinkering with their own signature beers. This ‘brew it yourself’ revolution sees them visit Manchester and East Anglia and a former Indian dental surgeon who has created the perfect spicy snack to complement a cold one..

accent – #4

another new issue this week and one of our personal favourites. Accent magazine launches its fourth issue, for which they define it as “a gossip magazine with all the juice and twice the heart”. In this issue they take a celebrity turn, talking to some alt-celebs such as Isaak Theo, the transgender son of soul legend, Sade; there are sex tips from Liv Fontaine; gardening tips from French botanist Patrick Blanc; tattoos; Kala Kala; agony aunts; and many more extraordinary people and ideas profiled.

failed states – #2

we’re delighted to welcome back Failed States after its excellent debut issue. The second edition takes as a theme the oft-overlooked suburb. As diverse as their last, this new issue has contributions from writers, artists and photographers including Real Review’s editor Jack Self, writer Olivia Laing and writer and philosopher Nina Power. There are explorations of wild places in South-East London, Indian sprawl, borders, edgelands, remote towns, hazy memories and cul-de-sacs. It’s an inventive issue that captures the multitudes of what lies on the edges.

lagom – #8

issue 8 of Lagom tackles work-life balance by looking at the rarer methods to achieve that goal. In this issue they talk to Jono Smart, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and Emily Fischer of Brooklyn-based Haptic Labs. They also visit some concept and multi-purpose stores like the Norwegian coffee shop, roastery and architecture studio; and a botanical lab, education platform and arts space in Prague.
// from the issue: jono smart – reshaped //

like the wind – #16

the very popular Like the Wind returns with its 16th issue. In this one, the London Marathon is celebrated with photographs by ultra marathon runner, Max Willcocks; editor Simon Freeman looks back at the British pioneers of the four-minute mile; and running to get over the pain of divorce. Elsewhere there are travels to Canada, South Africa, and Oregon, plus as always some stunning illustration.

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