new arrivals: revolutions and resistance – 12/7

another five delectable reads make their way into the roster this week, including some old favourites. Let’s kick off with Jacobin mag, which looks back at 1968 and the revolutionary spirit of France, the anti-Vietnam war protests and the life of Martin Luther King Jr who was assassinated in that year. Meanwhile ICON returns to the roster and gives a special look at women’s position in the architectural profession, including a great article on Bangladeshi architect, Marina Tabassum who has recently designed a new mosque in Dhaka. We also have new issues from Oh Comely, BOMB and Courier which looks at changing markets in various retail industries, including an excellent cover story on the rise of streetwear. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

oh comely – #43

the midsummer issue of Oh Comely looks squarely at identity and focuses its attention on self representation as a way to portray that, asking five artists to create self portraits which touch on religion, society and simply playing dress up. elsewhere, the issue explores ideas about gender and stereotype through clothing; writers open up about their make-up routines; novels that were written in cafes; and a conversation with 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe on the subjects of sexual assault and victim blaming.

jacobin – #29

Jacobin magazine again look back to look forward by breathing in that tumultuous summer of 1968 when protests and demonstrations gave the hint of revolution in the air. In a typically excellently illustrated issue there are looks back at Martin Luther King Jr who was assassinated in ’68; a special focus on the Vietnam war; the demonstrations in Paris; the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia; Night of the Living Dead; protests at the Mexico olympics; and radical architecture.

bomb – #144

the new issue of BOMB features interviews with various artists, including a conversation between American artists, Chris Martin and Cy Gavin and another between experimental musician Sam Hillmer chats with artist Tauba Auerbach. Elsewhere there are interviews with artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah; dancer Simone Forti; celebrated novelist Ottessa Moshfegh; as well as fiction, poetry, essays and reviews.
// from the issue: John Akomfrah by Shezad Dawood //

courier – #23

the new issue of Courier look at changing markets in various retail industries, including its cover story and excellent look at the rise of streetwear and at the success of internet fashion magazine, Highsnobiety. There’s a great look at how London’s restaurants are surviving despite closures of so many restaurants all over the UK – they talk to Dishoom, Patty and Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims. The issue also looks at the future for tattoo shops and artists, hypothesising concept stores with divergent routes.
// from the issue: streetwear’s rapid rise (and what comes next) //

icon – #182

back in the roster, the new issue of ICON is themed around ‘architecture of resistance’, and looks at, amongst other inequalities, the position of women in the architectural profession. There’s an article on Marina Tabassum, who has recently designed a mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh where women’s role in public life is still subjugated; another article on Frida Kahlo looks at her belongings like her decorate prosthetic leg, corsets and chloroform bottles. There’s also a look at a fortress-like office space in Denmark; the Venice Biennale; and toilets.

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