new arrivals: sex, religion and politics – 18/7

your grandmother might’ve told you not to talk about sex, politics and religion, but let’s be honest, it’s the only interesting conversation there is. This week a bunch of new issues to our roster tackle those subjects. Ethos give us politics via social movements including an excellent interview with Atlas of the Future co-founder Cathy Runciman, who also works with openDemocracy. Riposte give us sex, as well as death and childbirth along the way. Beneficial Shock!’s third issue themes the entire edition around sex on screen. Meanwhile Season themes its latest issue on religion and faith surrounding football in what is a stellar edition. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

ethos – #6

issue 6 of Ethos, with a beautifully illustrated cover takes us to India, Bromley-by-Bow and online via a crowdsourced platform that is documenting positive change. That project, Atlas of the Future is profiled with its co-founder Cathy Runciman interviewed for the issue. In keeping with that theme there is also an essay on how tech experts are steering the digital in a positive direction. Elsewhere, there’s a great feature on the clothing store, Patagonia; a healthcare revolution in East London; and a look at alternative housing options when buying just isn’t a possibility for many young Britons.
// from the issue: ethos meets cathy runciman //

riposte – #10

issue 10 of Riposte covers a lot of ground, exploring death, masturbation, childbirth, Igbo life lessons and The Duchess of York’s scandalous toe. In the issue, there are some super conversations with a collection of smart women including rapper Princess Nokia, choreographer Holly Blakey, filmmaker Crystal Moselle, Creative Director at Google Creative Labs, Tea Uglow, and Karley Sciortino and Cindy Gallop have a forward-thinking conversation about sex.

beneficial shock! – #3

issue 3 of Beneficial Shock! gets excited with an issue that looks at sex on screen. In the issue Georgina Guthrie considers why film sex is best when it dangles, tantalisingly close but out of reach; Jez Conolly looks at the very British television comedy like the Carry Ons, and the Confessions films which pulsated with innuendo and typical British repression. Elsewhere, and as you’d expect, there’s more than a look or two at porn; plus a look at the colour blue in cinema; Pedro Almodovar; objectification; comics and some thrilling illustrations.

season – #5

Released at the beginning of the World Cup the new edition of Season is a bumper issue, at 100 pages it’s their biggest yet. This is the first issue to be included in MagShuffle and it takes the theme of ‘religion’ focusing on faith, both in a traditional sense and in the sense of footballing loyalty and community. In the issue there are a collection of great interviews, including with footballer Eni Aluko and athlete Jeanette Kwakye; musician Chelcee Grimes; and filmmaker Naziha Arebi. There’s a farewell to ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger; fashion shoots; football stickers; and first person contributions from football chaplains. An excellent issue.

sidetracked – #12

the new edition of Sidetracked, volume 12 takes us over rivers, ice and even lava in another spectacular issue full of adventure and daring. In this issue there’s a fascinating trip written up by Sarah Marquis who, despite broken bones continued a tour of Tasmania to collect data for the Atlas of Living Australia. There’s further tales of injury when Gareth Leah is struck by rockfall in Oman; some beautiful photographs capture lava flowing from a volcano in Hawaii; running in the canyons of Utah; and Pip Stewart kayaks into the jungles of Guyana. Lots to love about a Sidetracked mag, as always.

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