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this week we have four new issues, each as bold as the other. Starting off with Real Review, which assesses whether the term ‘woke’ accurately described modern sensibilities or whether it’s just a token. Huck magazine share a bounty of stories about free-spirited people with carefully refined attitudes. Ambit returns with a new collection of poetry, fiction, artwork and illustration. While Odiseo releases an excellent issue, which tackles uniformity, conformity, patterns and change that is slow to come about. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

real review – #7

the latest issue of Real Review themed around the title, ‘woke awakening’, looks at how societies have opened their eyes to injustices and exploitations – that we are woke. Real Review goes beyond that analysis and asks whether that trend and sensibility is true or whether it is merely tokenistic. Contributions from architects, Anna Puigjaner and Luis Ortega Govela, writer and editor Nicholas Korody and Bartlett School of Architecture professor, Mario Carpo.

huck – #66

the latest issue of Huck magazine celebrates attitudes and finding the right one. Typically for Huck, it’s an issue that takes stock of people’s principles, especially those of radicals and free spirits. In the issue there’s a look at an all-female skate crew in New York whose story will soon become a film; the photography of Max Pinckers conveys America in the post-truth era; there’s an interview with artist and journalist Molly Crabapple who documented the Occupy Wall Street movement some years ago. Elsewhere there’s women’s car culture, BMX racers in Peckham in London, and bodybuilding in India.
// from the issue: the guerrilla gig-makers who changed music festivals forever //

ambit – #233

the latest issue of Ambit features poetry from Lesley Saunders, Rebecca Watts and Niall Campbell amongst many others, fiction from João Anzanello Carrascoza, and beautiful illustrations by Shih-Hsien Hsu. Up on their website there’s a preview in the form of a poem by Palestinian American physician and poet, Fady Joudah, as well as images of New York-based artist, Lauren Clay’s wallpaper installations.
// from the issue: sci-fi meditation – fady joudah //

odiseo – #12

erotica mag, Odiseo keep up their record of high quality issues with this excellent new edition. The magazine, as eclectic as ever, this time looks at ‘uniformity’, tackling conformity, patterns and that change is slow to come about. In the issue there are some great contributions, including a wonderful imagined monologue from a stock photo model; actual uniforms; and the issue’s cover story explores skin as a uniform via the work of Russian photographer, Turkina Faso. It’s the photography that makes the issue compelling and features contributions also from Loreen Hinz, Riccardo Raspa, Dario Salamone and Simone Steenberg. Well worth a look.

now among the current crop of exciting new magazines – what will you choose?
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