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this week, more delightful mags to tantalise your fingers and eyes. Definitely a design focus this week as we bring you new editions of Mincho, Dirty Furniture, Rakeprogress and Hole & Corner as well as a cover of ethical food mag, Om Nom which hints at the artistry of food too. We were excited to read the new edition of Dirty Furniture which brings together a number of intelligent essays – it’s an issue that doesn’t disappoint. Mincho looks at the cross section of illustration and branding; Hole & Corner explores artists uses of natural elements; Om Nom takes a balanced view on the use of plastics in food packaging; while Rakesprogress’ 8th edition is probably their most eclectic yet. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

mincho – #16

first up, a return of one of our favourites. The excellent Mincho magazine’s new issue is dedicated to decorative arts and interior design, paying close attention to illustration in branding as well as textile initiatives where illustrators and artisans collaborate. As such, the work of Pomme Chan, Maud Vantours and Camile Walala are displayed, highlighting their contributions to brands’ advertising campaigns and lighting them up through their playful inventiveness. There’s also a look at the work of the British illustrator Marion Deuchars who has inspired two decades of children to get creative using contemporary art.

dirty furniture – #4

issue 4 of Dirty Furniture explores the closet’s trajectory from “a place of seclusion to one of opulent display”. It does so through a number of intelligent essays which speak for themselves with little editorial. There are sprawling essays that reference Le Corbusier, Judith Butler and Michel Foucault to Cabinet‘s editor Brian Dillon who writes a fascinating piece on time capsules. There are also looks at incarceration and prison design, clutter, fast fashion, tracksuits, home storage and much more in what is an ambitious and intriguing edition.

om nom – #3

the third edition of Om Nom leads with a fascinating feature on how vegan chefs’ notoriety has ballooned in recent years. The magazine’s commitment to conveying ethical foods and lifestyles is shown once again with a balanced look at the impact of plastic food packaging on our planet but also its remarkable ability to prolong the shelf life of the food it contains, as well as looks at food and mental health, and encouraging sustainable and accountable business. Interspersed with some mouthwatering recipes along the way.

rakesprogress – #8

gardening mag, Rakesprogress returns with its 8th issue with 224 pages of sublime photography and some intriguing features. In this edition there’s a visit to Saddleworth near Manchester after wildfires this summer devastated the area; photographer Simon Bray talks about the significance of family photographs; a look at refugee gardens in Syria changing lives; as well as fashion photography, floral artists and much more.

hole & corner – #17

issue #17 of Hole & Corner responds to the theme of ‘elements’ which focuses its attention on artists and designers using natural methods and materials to create great work. They include ceramicist Joanna Still in Wiltshire and artist Martha Sturdy in British Columbia who discuss how the elements inform their practice; there’s a visit to Bosnia to see first-hand the woodcarving skills of the furniture maker, Zanat; and there’s also looks at essential oils; the work of designer Ilse Crawford; and the crazy world of Oliver de Sagazan.

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