new arrivals: 24/11

four new magazines enter the roster this week, two of those are debut editions while another is the first time the magazine has been included in MagShuffle. Starting with those debuts, a Dance Mag tackles polarisation of society with an artistic and spiritual look at how movement can bind us when there’s so much pressure to marginalise and make another an other. The second debut is the wonderful Bloom magazine which, through an intricate attention to detail and some fascinating features, blossoms at its first attempt. We also have a new edition of Noble Rot with its eccentric neon cover, and we introduce photography magazine Pylot for the first time, which excels in its curation. MagShuffle is a mix and match magazine subscription service, where you can personally curate your year of monthly deliveries from a roster of 100+ magazines.

a dance mag – #1

we’re very pleased to introduce the debut issue of Lebanese-based publication, a Dance Mag, to the roster. It’s non-standard size, layout and content reflect an artistic and spiritual sensibility, yet the messages have an accessibility that isn’t typical of the genre. In the issue there’s a meditation on dance, drugs and astral pathways to understand Derrida; there’s a conversation about record collecting; a diary of a trek to Everest; and an ethnographer’s guide to dancing deities.

noble rot – #18

it’s been almost a year since we had an edition of Noble Rot in the roster, and this is a cracking return. Neon colours dazzle the cover of an edition with features about wine criticism, the rejuvenation of wineries of Madrid, an hilarious look back at the greatest TV chefs, and an interview with Nigella Lawson. There are some excellent illustrations, including Jose Miguel Mendez’s idiosyncratic drawing that accompanies a piece about what happens when a meal drags on too long. Typically tongue-in-cheek and enjoyable in whatever measure is your tipple.

pylot – #9

Pylot is a magazine that’s been on our radar for some time. Their consistent commitment to the analogue image has brought about 8 high quality issues that give over large full page spreads to some of the most talented and important photographers of now and yesteryear. Issue 9 is no different. The ‘how-to’ issue explores the influences of consumer culture, interconnectivity, modern history, and cinema on curation of both our physical and digital self, and features photographers such as the wildly exuberant Boris Mikhailov; Daniel Shea; Fumi Homma; Alex Lockett and many more. There are also interviews and mini features in what is an excellent and moving collection of photography.

bloom – #1

having admired the debut edition of Bloom at our partner store Charlotte St News, we’re stoked to have it included in the roster. There’s an intricate attention to detail to this magazine which befits a gardening publication. Images are beautifully framed, illustration and use of colour is vibrant and varied, graphic design is clean and innovative in places. The content, meanwhile, is absorbing and includes a wonderful piece on Liz Davis who speaks about nature’s growth and persistence amongst probably the most built area of Central London; there are tips on what plants survives in winter; there are apple appreciators; tales of tools; gardens in fiction; and some colourful and intricate illustrations of flowers by Marisol Ortega. A great debut issue.

now among the current crop of exciting new magazines – what will you choose?
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