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MagShuffle is a recognition that our personalities aren’t fixed. it’s a flexible way to curate a magazine subscription that fits your interests, your curiosities and your mood.

why subscribe?

1flexibility. with MagShuffle you can curate your perfect indie mag subscription. we’ll give you all the information you need each month to select your issue so that you’ll never be disappointed. no surprises, just great reading.

2 – with savings of up to 33% on each issue, it’s a bargain. many of the magazines we include cost £12 or more to be sent to your door. MagShuffle is £99 annually or £8.95 per month, p&p included.

3cherish your eyeballs. what better way to get a little screen detox and cut through the digital noise with beautifully-crafted print magazines.

4no ties. you pay for what you get. you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time no strings attached.

5 – we’re green. all of our packaging is made from recyclable materials but always check your local recycling policy for more information. and when you’re finished with your magazine why not share it with a friend!

6 – most importantly of all: discover ridiculously good magazines. stay on top of world affairs, culture, fashion, design, and perspectives that you won’t get from traditional media.

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