which magazines can I choose from?

our roster of 100+ magazines is growing all the time. it includes established independent magazines such as Ladybeard, Little White Lies, Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman and Riposte and a selection of zines and small presses such as Mushpit, Put A Egg On It and Somesuch Stories. see them all.

is it value for money?

yes. many of the magazines that are included in our roster would cost £12 or more to be sent to your door so at £99 annually or £8.95 per month, p&p included, it’s a bargain.

how and when do I choose magazines each month?

to choose a magazine you simply log in to our site and select from the magazines available that month. you’ll be able to choose a magazine from the 1st of every month to the last day of that month. every issue that’s currently available will have an expiry date so that you know how long you’ve got till it’s unavailable.

can I buy a subscription as a gift?

absolutely. in fact, we like to think a MagShuffle subscription is a perfect gift for a reader because you’ll be giving them the gift of choice to curate a subscription with whichever magazines they fancy. select a gift subscription when subscribing, we’ll send you the billing information and we’ll send them a beautifully illustrated welcome letter and all the info to get started.

how and when do I pay?

we accept all major credit and debit cards via our secure online payment system. you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

can I pause or cancel my subscription?

yes, you can cancel at any time. simply send us an email, telling us why and from when you’d like to cancel your subscription. and if you’re out of town for a while drop us an email too and we’ll pause your membership until you get back.

i live outside the UK. can I still sign up?

the prices on the site are inclusive of p&p for UK customers. if you live outside of the UK email us with where you live and we’ll let you know how much it’ll be.

when will I receive my selected magazine?

once you’ve selected your magazine that month, we’ll ensure it’ll be with you within 5 days.

what happens if I forget to make my selection?

if it’s the final week of the month and you still haven’t made your selection, we’ll send you a reminder with a heap of suggestions and articles on the latest issue additions to help you choose. and if you don’t manage to make your selection before the month ends we’ll send you that month’s editor’s pick, carefully chosen by us.

what happens if I select something that isn’t available?

it’s unlikely it’ll happen but should it happen we’ll let you know as soon as we can and reset your selection.

interested in a magazine that isn’t listed in our roster?

we’re working hard to include a range of top independent magazines, but if there’s a magazine you’d really like to see in our roster, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.


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