avaunt is a biannual journal dedicated to documenting and celebrating human endeavour, from the wildest, highest, deepest, coldest and hottest corners of the earth and beyond.



another terrific edition of Avaunt brings together an eclectic set of photography and articles, featuring the photographs of Alex Telfer who, on a road trip, captures dramatic Icelandic landscapes along its Route 1 – of which the neon graveyard dons this edition’s cover. Nirvana and Soundgarden guitarist, Jason Everman talks about his musical history, as well as his stint in the military. Elsewhere there’s some sublime photographs of the eerie landscapes of the Ukranian steel industry, undersea diamond mining in Namibia, Afrofuturism, and a fascinating interview with a cliff diver.
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we welcome Avaunt magazine to MagShuffle this week too. 226 pages of exceptional photography and features from Laos, Tibet, Afghanistan, and under water. It’s a supremely impressive issue full of insight and engagement with the nuances of different cultures. Otto Barkham’s beautifully written essay on skateboarding’s cross-pollination to areas of the world that we might not expect, including Afghanisation, Cuba, Morocco and Bolivia. There are stunning photos from Levon Biss’ ‘Microsculpture’ series, which adorns the issue’s cover and reveals insects at a scale never seen before. Also: AI in music; a Cold War CIA operation involving a helium balloon and flying pig; ultra marathons in the desert. A must have issue.
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