beneficial shock!

beneficial shock! is a design-based film magazine that ‘champions progressive thinking from contemporary illustrators, graphic designers and photographers.’ as they say: ‘film is just the beginning.’



issue 3 of Beneficial Shock! gets excited with an issue that looks at sex on screen. In the issue Georgina Guthrie considers why film sex is best when it dangles, tantalisingly close but out of reach; Jez Conolly looks at the very British television comedy like the Carry Ons, and the Confessions films which pulsated with innuendo and typical British repression. Elsewhere, and as you’d expect, there’s more than a look or two at porn; plus a look at the colour blue in cinema; Pedro Almodovar; objectification; comics and some thrilling illustrations.

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issue #2 – the “mind” issue peels back the layers of the human psyche to reveal just what it is that makes us tick. from method acting to dangerous little vermin literally invading our brains intent on devilish mind control, the content of this issue gets your own grey matter going. it includes features on mirrors as devices of altered perception; a revisionist take on snow white and an answer to the question: what exactly did happen to barton fink after the end credits rolled? also in the issue: a mind-boggling array of graphic novels, mock adverts and visual prescriptions to cure even the most headstrong cynic.
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