bloom is a magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers, curious explorers and outdoor adventurers. it promises practical gardening projects, an exploration of the natural world and a celebration of the beauty of all green spaces, whether they’re in the countryside or the middle of the city, on your windowsill or in an allotment, highly groomed or utterly wild.



having admired the debut edition of Bloom at our partner store Charlotte St News, we’re stoked to have it included in the roster. There’s an intricate attention to detail to this magazine which befits a gardening publication. Images are beautifully framed, illustration and use of colour is vibrant and varied, graphic design is clean and innovative in places. The content, meanwhile, is absorbing and includes a wonderful piece on Liz Davis who speaks about nature’s growth and persistence amongst probably the most built area of Central London; there are tips on what plants survives in winter; there are apple appreciators; tales of tools; gardens in fiction; and some colourful and intricate illustrations of flowers by Marisol Ortega. A great debut issue.
available to select until february 1

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