disegno is a quarterly magazine dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting on architecture, design and fashion. it aims to generate debate, inform, entertain and inspire, bringing thoughtful analysis of current events to a design-interested audience.



Disegno magazine returns with its spring edition, #18. It’s a strong issue with plenty of memorable features. Foremost of these is a fascinating roundtable discussion between Jonathan Keats, Michael Mitchell and José Millán who discuss mind-controlled machines and the future of work and technology’s role in it. There’s also an in-depth look at Kenyan’s Olympic obsession, in particular its love affair with the running shoe; Clove magazine‘s editor Debika Ray takes a look at the role of data in fashion brands, trends forecasting and production; as well as New Andean Architecture; the fashion of Phantom Thread; Robin Hood Gardens and chrome’s past and future.
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issue 17 of design magazine, Disegno includes Gareth Pugh’s costumes for the Dutch National Opera; an analysis of universal museums at the Louvre Abu Dhabi; a roundtable discussion about defeating the new with Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg; a return to LA’s screaming cityscape in Blade Runner 2049; reportage from the abandoned mansions of Točka; Christien Meindertsma’s explorations of flax; a history of Paris’s forgotten waterways and much more.

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