failed states

failed states is a biannual art journal that works with a single geographic theme to create a diverse collection of contributions from poetry, photography and short texts.



we’re delighted to welcome back Failed States after its excellent debut issue. The second edition takes as a theme the oft-overlooked suburb. As diverse as their last, this new issue has contributions from writers, artists and photographers including Real Review’s editor Jack Self, writer Olivia Laing and writer and philosopher Nina Power. There are explorations of wild places in South-East London, Indian sprawl, borders, edgelands, remote towns, hazy memories and cul-de-sacs. It’s an inventive issue with supremely good photography that captures the multitudes of what lies on the edges.

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the debut issue of failed states sees varied artistic short text contributions brought together on the theme of ‘island’. the issue includes pieces on traffic islands; luxury islands; making a film on a remote island; micronesian stick charts; the body as an island and much more.

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