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back in the roster, the new issue of ICON is themed around ‘architecture of resistance’, and looks at, amongst other inequalities, the position of women in the architectural profession. There’s an article on Marina Tabassum, who has recently designed a mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh where women’s role in public life is still subjugated; another article on Frida Kahlo looks at her belongings like her decorate prosthetic leg, corsets and chloroform bottles. There’s also a look at a fortress-like office space in Denmark; the Venice Biennale; and toilets.

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issue 177 of icon – the China issue – takes a peak at new Chinese design, from interviews surveying the urban and rural landscapes of China to a new museum that’s meant to ‘mark China’s shift from manufacturing to a creative culture’. there’s a fascinating essay on the country’s eco-urban revolution and a features that looks at the new design studios popping up in China. elsewhere in the issue there’s opinion pieces on container architecture and online campaigns, reviews and show round-ups.

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issue #176 of icon includes a cover story on the threat of automation to our jobs and whether we really have anything to worry about; a look at young designers seeking to tackle pollution; an interview with Terry Farrell on the pomo renaissance; a profile of Spanish restoration masters Flores & Prats and investigation of OMA’s very Dutch approach to urbanism. for the bereaved fans of Dutch design magazine, Mark, the last of those features may well provide solace.

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issue #175 of icon includes explores the soft power of german design in the postwar era; it reflects on architect and artist neave brown’s alexandra estate design; the differing visions at arcosanti and zaradye Park; a report from dutch design week and a rethink of the european space agency; as well as reviews, the architecture diary and opinion pieces.

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