ladybeard “takes the form of a glossy magazine but revolutionises the content.” a magazine with unique, alternative women’s perspectives, taking themes like the body and sex.



issue 3 of Ladybeard, and proudly the first issue we’ve had available to subscribers is a bold vision and critique of what defines beauty, and as the editors write in its leader: “we want to disrupt the ideal”. The short personal stories that begin the issue are fascinating, they tell tales of sexual adventures and deviance and struggles with identity. Similarly the stories of queer femmes, and the breast cancer survivors using tattoos to reclaim their bodies are equally captivating. However, the issue excels most in its imagery. With its showcases of photographers working with beauty as their subject and the detailed close ups of bodies by Anton Gottlob (as featured on the cover) make for a (subjectively of course) beautiful issue to behold.
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