lagom is a biannual lifestyle magazine connecting a global community of like-minded creatives who care about thoughtful design, independent travel, and a balanced approach to life.



issue 8 of Lagom tackles work-life balance by looking at the rarer methods to achieve that goal. In this issue they talk to Jono Smart, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and Emily Fischer of Brooklyn-based Haptic Labs. They also visit some concept and multi-purpose stores like the Norwegian coffee shop, roastery and architecture studio; and a botanical lab, education platform and arts space in Prague.
// from the issue: jono smart – reshaped //

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issue #7 is something of a sensory issue: in it lagom explores taste, scent, tactile experiences, and atmosphere. they visit the homes and workspaces of creative people around the world, and discover new destinations and pastimes to help us escape our screens. these include: iceland, norway, swedish lapland, southern france, vermont, athens, brooklyn, london, and paris. it is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover.
// from the issue: ocean sound recordings, giske //

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