like the wind

like the wind is a unique quarterly running magazine, and a collection of stories about running to inspire and delight. there are personal anecdotes, inspirational tales, reportage, beautiful illustrations and photography.



issue #14 of Like the Wind comes highly recommended. there is the brilliantly revealing and wonderfully-illustrated essay on ‘bandit runners’, those who run organised races guerrilla style, without signing up but with reasonably convincing running bibs; there’s a piece by US ultra runner, Bob Becker who raced the inaugural Mt Gaoligong Ultra on the China/Myanmar border and recalls his own father’s wartime heroics in the same location; explorer and athlete Ian MacNairn tells the story of his quest to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps through the Moroccan mountains; running as a nomad; and inter-generational bonds all brought together by excellent design, including some superb illustrations.
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