like the wind

like the wind is a unique quarterly running magazine, and a collection of stories about running to inspire and delight. there are personal anecdotes, inspirational tales, reportage, beautiful illustrations and photography.



the eighteenth edition of Like the Wind sees its editor sit down with ultra trail runner, Kilian Jornet, who beautifully describes his love for running and its pace which allows him to see “the details of the terrain, smell the seasons, see the small animals running away from you”. It’s a beautiful ode to running and racing in an edition which also features a great piece on the people who come out to races to cheer the hardy on, as well as many accounts of runs, adventures and beautiful scenery. The illustrations are also a joy to behold. Luis Pinto again lends his colourful illustrations to this issue, as he has done for many of Like the Wind’s issues. Those of Gus Scott, Jamie Waller and Gabriel Young are also incredible. A great issue.
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Cover illustrator Matthew Brazier supplies a super illustration of mountain trail running for issue 17 of Like the Wind. You can find more of his artwork in the issue, including the example spread image at the top of this page. In the issue there are tales of becoming a sub-three hour marathon runner; how the mentality of running can help women get through childbirth; and a fascinating feature by photojournalist Tyler Tomasello who went to Afghanistan to coach an all-female group of runners to help them complete their first ultra marathon.

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the very popular Like the Wind returns with its 16th issue. In this one, the London Marathon is celebrated with photographs by ultra marathon runner, Max Willcocks; editor Simon Freeman looks back at the British pioneers of the four-minute mile; and running to get over the pain of divorce. Elsewhere there are travels to Canada, South Africa, and Oregon, plus as always some stunning illustration.

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“running at night requires a state of mind”, a super memoir piece by runner, Colin Reynolds is one of the highlights of Like the Wind’s new issue. elsewhere there’s some superb illustrations, like Frederick Saunders’ sweaty runner struggling in the humidity of Bhutan; there’s mountain running; looks at iconic races such as Wales’ ‘man v horse’ race where those on two legs are given a 15-minute head start; freerunning; running data visualisations and much more.

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issue #14 of Like the Wind comes highly recommended. there is the brilliantly revealing and wonderfully-illustrated essay on ‘bandit runners’, those who run organised races guerrilla style, without signing up but with reasonably convincing running bibs; there’s a piece by US ultra runner, Bob Becker who raced the inaugural Mt Gaoligong Ultra on the China/Myanmar border and recalls his own father’s wartime heroics in the same location; explorer and athlete Ian MacNairn tells the story of his quest to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps through the Moroccan mountains; running as a nomad; and inter-generational bonds all brought together by excellent design, including some superb illustrations.

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