man on the moon

from the publishers of tapas magazine, man on the moon is a brand new magazine with an agenda to look forward and foremost to be bold, like those involved in the first space explorations. the magazine does this through profiles, interviews and photography of men, and occasionally women, who fit that daring description.



in what is another cracking edition of Man on the Moon, there are many pages dedicated to Uruguayan guerrilla fighter and politician, José Alberto Mujica; the incredible portrait photography of Dan Winters; and the ‘instruction manual’, a creative how-to section this time gives advice on how to make a magazine cover, and how to win over critics, how to make an indie movie and an interview with Kofi Annan on how to avoid wars. If you haven’t given this magazine a whirl yet, its quality will speak for itself.
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Spain Media follow up the impressive first issue of Man on the Moon with an issue that is beginning to establish it as a men’s mag with a great deal of substance. In this issue there’s some well-photographed fashion shoots of men of action; interviews with porn stars, Martin Parr, the Eels’ Mark Oliver and, somehow, HAL 9000. The star of the issue, however, is the superb examples of the photography of the late revolutionary Iranian photojournalist, Abbas Attar, including Saddam Hussein’s bronze statued head being dragged along a road by US troops.

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the inaugural issue of Spain Media’s Man On The Moon is with us. it’s from the makers of Tapas magazine, as well as Robb Report and it’s an intriguing edition that follows the imagined steps of space exploration to guide us through profiles, interviews, and short news reports in sections like ‘lunatics’, ‘manual’, ‘moonwalk’ and ‘landing’. there are hints of Monocle in its approach, this is a men’s mag with largely men as its subject but its eclecticism offers a little of something for all. in this first edition: entertainment in space; battling cancer; the healthy madness of business; an iconic Madrid mayor; catching killers, and much more.

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