mincho is a quarterly illustration magazine and an “exchange of glances between critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression.”



now a return of one of our favourites. The excellent Mincho magazine’s new issue is dedicated to decorative arts and interior design, paying close attention to illustration in branding as well as textile initiatives where illustrators and artisans collaborate. As such, the work of Pomme Chan, Maud Vantours and Camile Walala are displayed, highlighting their contributions to brands’ advertising campaigns and lighting them up through their playful inventiveness. There’s also a look at the work of the British illustrator┬áMarion Deuchars who has inspired two decades of children to get creative using contemporary art.

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the 15th issue of Mincho creatively pairs together two disciplines that aren’t ordinarily considered collectively: drawing and the performing arts. They do so through a look at how jazz has been brought to life in edgy and dynamic illustration; a fascinating reading of Alan Moore’s comics through the lens of Brechtian theatre; oriental art in Italian opera; and illustration’s use in set and prop design more generally. An issue full of surprises and great artwork.

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what a superb cover. issue 14 of Mincho, a Spanish illustration magazine, focuses on the artists and artwork that reflect a time of social awareness and activism. the cover features a remarkable illustration by Alain le Quernec who dedicated it to Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016. he titled it ‘racism is hate’. the issue is a thought-provoking tour of works that are notable for their social impact, including a fascinating profile of the artist Paul Peter Piech, a roundup of magazine covers depicting Donald Trump, a look at the work of le Quernec, and pictograms. a stellar issue.
cover analysis: donald trump on indie mag covers //

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