mushpit is a zine dowsed with humour and energy that covers politics, fashion and feminism along the way. it features satirical articles and photography.



somewhere between urban dictionary and the scribbles of a genius who perhaps will only be appreciated posthumously, the inimitable Mushpit return with issue 10, and it’s genuinely laugh out loud stuff. the humour generally comes at the expense of men, but who said they haven’t deserved it. highlights come in the form of a handful of cheeky quizzes, like the one for private school students now seeking creative work but not knowing which one is right for them; and ‘who’s your perfect pathetic rebound?’. it’s the imagery and design touches that make the magazine, with the editorial voice of a pink marker pen and restless page numbering dotting the pages, and brilliantly funny images and fake adverts such as Conservative politician, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s merchandise collection and ‘prick repellant’ spray for women.

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