published three times per year, offscreen is a thoughtful deep-dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and future vision of people working with technology. it features in-depth interviews, essays, advice and profiles of people and products.



the 19th edition of Offscreen interviews four people who show that with changes to business and tech, society can be a better place. That is especially seen in the interview with venture capitalist, Bryce Roberts who invests in companies with the eye to give them long-term sustainable success. There’s also interviews with Jocelyn K. Glei whose podcast ‘Hurry Slowly’ looks at how we manage our lives and be productive without burning out; as well as interviews with journalist Angus Hervey and former White House digital strategist, Ashleigh Axios.

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issue 10 of offscreen does a brilliant job of capturing how print and digital can be combined to make something rich and compelling. after all, a magazine was a technology once. this edition brings 4 super longform interviews with writer and designer Craig Mod; entrepreneur Jessica Jackley; digital rights activist Aral Balkan; and design strategist and entrepreneur Erika Hall. elsewhere there are short features like product reviews; workspace photography and contributions and advice from creatives and technologists.

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