oh comely

oh comely is published six times a year and is magazine of curiosity that always takes the form of a single theme with a sense of mischief. it features articles and interviews with makers and creatives.



issue 46 of Oh Comely celebrates the joy of getting lost. Sarah Corbett tells how she brings people together to gently protest through crafting, there’s a super profile piece on women of Iceland, who describe how the Nordic nation is paving the way when it comes to gender equality. Elsewhere, there are bedroom artists, Greta Bellamacina pens a poem for the magazine, and Olivia Colman encourages women to stand together in the face of doubt, or just when the going gets tough.
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the latest issue of Oh Comely is inspired by dreams with a cover that perfectly distils various of the features inside its pages. These include a piece by performer Soma Ghosh who wants readers to shed their feminist guilt and embrace sexuality, as she investigates whether porn can ever, really, be feminist. Alex Merry conjures up surreal, magical creatures from her kitchen table. Elsewhere, Charly Cox writes a poem for the changing seasons and Mahalia sings some sassy-sweet soul.

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the latest issue of Oh Comely gets nostalgic over summers past with a collection of features that welcome sentimentality, truancy, and taking things slow. There’s an excellent essay by Thea Hawlin who calls on science to better understand why time is so slippery in the mind; four writers explore cities where time’s effects is seen on its surface; there are interviews with a mental health campaigner and hat makers; and some beautiful paintings of female figures by Prudence Flint.

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the midsummer issue of Oh Comely looks squarely at identity and focuses its attention on self representation as a way to portray that, asking five artists to create self portraits which touch on religion, society and simply playing dress up. elsewhere, the issue explores ideas about gender and stereotype through clothing; writers open up about their make-up routines; novels that were written in cafes; and a conversation with 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe on the subjects of sexual assault and victim blaming.

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issue 42 of Oh Comely is the first time the magazine has been available to MagShuffle subscribers. it’s 130 pages of recommendations, profiles, interviews, illustrations and essays, including a set of profiles of women sharing their experiences of short hair and androgyny; a conversation with punk musician, Viv Albertine; and a dip into flea markets and jumble sales.
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