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positive news is a quarterly magazine and experiment in constructive journalism. each issue focuses on projects and news that inspire and empower, leaving behind the news cycles of gloom.



an exciting new issue of Positive News marks 25 years of publishing for the forward-thinking and essential magazine. Coming soon, we’ll be publishing a conversation we had with editor-in-chief Seán Dagan Wood about the progress of the magazine and some changes to its distribution model. This issue looks at the ripple effect – whether even the smallest of change can make an impact, eventually. In the issue there’s a look at the organisations that are promoting small pro-environmental actions and whether such an approach makes a real difference. There’s also looks at drug use; the four-day working week; porn addiction; and US elections.

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For the summer edition of Positive News, the cover story from the issue profiles women’s rights leaders from Kenya who are working to improve reproductive and sexual rights, including an approach to create safe alternative ceremonies to genital mutilation which persists in the country despite its illegality. Elsewhere in the issue there are articles on teenagers’ involvement in gun reform in the US following their ordeal in the Parkland shooting earlier this year; what makes Brits optimistic?; normalising breastfeeding; and swapping traditionally gendered jobs
// from the issue: editorial – Kenyan women’s rights leaders //

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Positive News acts on what is fast becoming a significant movement in this edition, which focuses on the zero waste pioneers who are providing solutions to our plastic addiction. there’s a report on the team who track arms supplies around the world and another on New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who is about to become only the second world leader to give birth while in office. there’s also: rediscovered species; big data saving Savannah elephants; and an inspiring photo collection by Sophie Mayanne of people who have positive attitudes towards scars on their body.
// from the issue: the couple behind the UK’s first zero-waste shop //
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in featuring a celebrity on its cover issue #92 of Positive News does something different. there’s subtlety to that choice. Russell Brand is the cover story, and he speaks candidly about his addictions and writes in the first person about his attempts to overcome them. elsewhere there is a fantastic feature on young conservationists of Britain; how food brings us together; the Swedish shopping centre dedicated to recycled goods; a round-up of good news stories and a super photo collection on wild swimmers.
from the issue: UK’s first vending machine for homeless people launches //

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