pressing matters

pressing matters is a magazine that hones in on the people, passion and processes behind the artform of printmaking. from curious beginners to those exploring the world of fine art editions, the magazine hope to inspire newcomers and give a voice and a face to the increasingly vast number of people calling printmaking their ‘thing’.



a very international feel to issue 5 of Pressing Matters sees profiles and showcases of letterpress artists, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers from, amongst other places, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Moscow and the Netherlands. There’s a visit to Moscow’s Partisan Press, who create provocative posters that occasionally make their way onto the walls of Moscow. There’s an excellently written piece that profiles artist, Stanley Donwood, whose work you may recognise from Radiohead album cover art. Elsewhere there’s woodcut artistry, some wondrous Eastern bloc matchbox art, and bold and imaginative illustrations from Rita Laranja.

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Pressing Matters, new to MagShuffle this week, continues in the great legacy of magazines published in Bristol, and this magazine is an ode to letterpress printing with features on techniques as well as the people who make it their careers and hobbies. the issue is full of fine examples of illustrations and type, as well as super interviews with Dave Lefner on his process of making huge reduction prints; and with Delita Martin, whose prints portray black women with power and grace.
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