put a egg on it

put a egg on it is a quarterly food magazine out of new york city. it’s about “food, cooking and the communal joys of eating with friends and family”. the magazine features personal essays, cooking tips, photo essays of dinner parties and special art projects.



the latest Put a Egg on it celebrates 10 years from idea to 15 issues down the line. It’s a magazine that’s done a terrific job over the years to present an alternative guide to food, printing stories and wild experiences of chefs in the kitchen and dinner parties that would otherwise go undocumented. This edition doesn’t disappoint – it includes a recreation of a New York socialite dinner where everything was flamed, smoked and charred; there’s a photoessay of Black Panthers’ free breakfast program, and another photoessay of meal time in Algiers. Elsewhere there’s recipes, protest stories,  a puppet dinner and a great look at Portland book and zine publisher, Microcosm’s cookbooks.

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for issue 14 of Put a Egg on it London-based John Broadley plucks moments from film history where food has stolen the show in his illustrated series “Culinary Cameos”; photographer Julia Gillard visits Troy, New York for a kimchi lesson at Sunhee’s Farm; Bradley Sumrall beautifully tells the story of his experience as a 20-something gay fry cook in the 90s at The Clover Grill, a legendary 24-hour diner on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. there’s also one writers’ tour of her ex-lovers via emblematic moments in eating and cooking; and artists Ann Magnuson, Matias Viegener and Cammie Staros dine together at interior designer Alexandra Loew’s Los Feliz home discussing art history, pig farming, prep school, art world politics and more.

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