pylot is a biannual fashion and photography magazine that “aims to pioneer a modern approach in a digitally saturated image economy”. it subscribes to a strict no beauty re-touching policy, celebrating the artistry of analogue processes.



Pylot is a magazine that’s been on our radar for some time. Their consistent commitment to the analogue image has brought about 8 high quality issues that give over large full page spreads to some of the most talented and important photographers of now and yesteryear. Issue 9 is no different. The ‘how-to’ issue explores the influences of consumer culture, interconnectivity, modern history, and cinema on curation of both our physical and digital self, and features photographers such as the wildly exuberant Boris Mikhailov; Daniel Shea; Fumi Homma; Alex Lockett and many more. There are also interviews and mini features in what is an excellent and moving collection of photography.
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