real review

real review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine that deals with “what it means to live today”. drawing from the politics of social space, urbanism, architecture, social theory and philosophy, the magazine looks at political movements, creativity and how cities tick.



the latest issue of Real Review themed around the title, ‘woke awakening’, looks at how societies have opened their eyes to injustices and exploitations – that we are woke. Real Review goes beyond that analysis and asks whether that trend and sensibility is true or whether it is merely tokenistic. Contributions from architects, Anna Puigjaner and Luis Ortega Govela, writer and editor Nicholas Korody and Bartlett School of Architecture professor, Mario Carpo.

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issue #6 of the Real Review, “just-in-time”, deals with convenience and on-demand culture, as well as the short-termist thinking of our time, where we respond to problems as a last resort rather in advance. this issue addresses those ideas through a number of essays, interviews and photo collections. they include an interview with visual artist, Tauba Auerbach and musician, Éliane Radigue who debate time, patience and decision making, and Theo Simpson’s photography again makes an appearance to illustrate an essay on nostalgia by Adam Nathaniel Furman.

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issue #5 – “systemic doubt” captures the uncertainty of the current political moment. the issue includes: an interview with photographer juergen teller on persona and confidence; philosopher vilem flusser reviews doubting doubt; leon batchelor reviews the IKEA catalogue and its ethical propositions; and dele adeyemo reviews resilience strategies, systemic racism and social injustice. also in the issue anna minton reviews london’s spatial politics; editor jack self reviews the meaning of luxury and time confetti and liam denhamer reviews if brexit really means brexit.

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