runaway is an independent, lifestyle magazine dedicated to the growing community of runners and trailblazers around the world. each issue centres around a city, displaying its running routes, its running communities and spots to replenish lost energy.



Runaway swap out London for the coast of Portugal (who blames them!) for their 3rd edition. Photography, again, is the highlight of this issue, with some wonderful shots of central Lisbon (and anyone who’s been will know that the hills aren’t for the inexperienced), as well as some beach runs in southern Portugal, checking in on some culinary delights, surfing and yoga along the way.

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Runaway’s second issue takes them to London to meet the running enthusiasts and to test out its running routes. the photography is stellar throughout and the profiles of people like Laura Maisey who ran home to London from Rome (just a casual 1,250 miles) are enthralling. the outsider perspective to London provides an interesting angle, it’s more than a city guide, and more than a running mag, but somewhere uniquely in between.

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