sidetracked is a biannual magazine that is devoted to adventure, expeditions and exploration. it features inspirational journeys with beautifully-crafted stories and awe-inspiring photography.



the new edition of Sidetracked, volume 12 takes us over rivers, ice and even lava in another spectacular issue full of adventure and daring. In this issue there’s a fascinating trip written up by Sarah Marquis who, despite broken bones continued a tour of Tasmania to collect data for the Atlas of Living Australia. There’s further tales of injury when Gareth Leah is struck by rockfall in Oman; some beautiful photographs capture lava flowing from a volcano in Hawaii; running in the canyons of Utah; and Pip Stewart kayaks into the jungles of Guyana. Lots to love about a Sidetracked mag, as always.

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volume 11 of Sidetracked is the first of its editions to be available to MagShuffle subscribers and it’s glorious. the photography throughout the magazine is of the highest quality, in particular the articles on the woman who trekked the Bicentennial National Trail in Australia with wild horses is a standout, as is the couple who extreme kayak and snowkite their way through Greenland’s glaciers. elsewhere in the issue, there’s a visit to a Finnish couple who train huskies in the Arctic and some superb water photography from photographer Ray Collins.

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