smith journal

smith journal is an eclectic quarterly magazine from australia that looks at stories and ideas from history, architecture, myth, and anything else socially relevant or curious.



the new edition of Smith Journal features a cover story following mammoth-tusk hunters in the Russian arctic – fellows who once hunted reindeers have now turned to these prehistoric tusks to turn a profit. Elsewhere in the issue there’s a Japanese scientist obsessed with jellyfish and immortality; an Australian couple reviving Iranian arts; a Mexican forensic cleaner; and the Quentin Tarantino of Uganda’s slums.
// from the issue: the two friends on a mission to revive iranian arts //

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Following on from their excellent last issue, Smith Journal’s latest includes a typically varied collection of curiosities, including a photo essay on Hong Kong’s tiny fish good luck charms; Barbie’s Ken and a look at his various guises and hazy purpose; plus a fascinating look at the fake villages built to impress Empress Catherine II by her former lover Grigory Potemkin during her journey to Crimea in the 18th century. Elsewhere: leadership lessons from environmental explorer and adventurer, Tim Jarvis; a retired FBI agent who spends his time tracking down ‘lost’ apples; and a visit to North Korea to see a new generation of makers.
// from the issue: photographing the world’s fake cities //

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volume 25 of Smith Journal is an eclectic combination of curiosities with some smart essays on various topics including the amazing story of 1930s French car racing driver, Hellé Nice; two great music-related essays look at 1980s hair metal and musicians hailing from a Malian refugee camp; there’s a super look at the practice of forensic architecture in the war-torn Middle East; and a linguist-turned-enemy of the state to Georgia. lots of top quality essays and ideas in this edition. well worth a look.
// mags of the month: february //

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