soffa is a bimonthly magazine from the czech republic that covers “design, beautiful interiors, creative people, travel, craft and food”. its focus is on central and eastern europe appealing to young audiences beyond.



the latest issue of Czech magazine, Soffa explores passion, and indeed women’s bodies and their sexuality are also explored in this issue via Tereza Hošková’s essay on sexuality and the menstrual cycle, with images from photographer, Anna Volpi. Elsewhere in the issue, they travel to Romania to visit mountains, lakes and shepherds and they travel to the Faroe Islands to visit icy and picturesque villages in the shadow of mountains; there’s a fashion photoessay surrounded by antiques; and a close look at red meat which isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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issue 24 of Czech magazine SOFFA honours the centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. that history of the republic and its culture is explored through a series of photographic features, including one on the objects of cultural personalities in Czech history, and another on modern architecture that “attest to monumental times in our history”. elsewhere there are features on glassmakers; a tour of Czech town, Zlín; and a traditional Czech dance school. beautiful photography in this issue and lots to learn.

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